New Gospel CD officially released

Red Star Express has officially released its newest recording project, a 16-track Gospel bluegrass CD entitled "Redeemed."
The title track is a familiar Fanny Crosby hymn, highlighting some of the great traditions of our faith.
From traditional bluegrass anthems to modern day hymns, the tracks on Redeemed will offer something for all bluegrass fans.
Five original tracks also highlight the album with tunes and lyrics from Mike Mathes, and arrangements crafted by the band.
Those songs include
    - Holy is Your Name
    - Jesus Rolled the Stone Away
    - You'll Share His Victory
    - Love One Another
    - Those Hands

As of January 2, Redeemed and all of the Red Star Express' previous titles are available for purchase at Delta Publications, 606 Fremont Street, Kiel, WI.
We will be posting a live link shortly for online orders and digital tracks.

Past Red Star Express recordings

Loose Livestock
Gospel Express
Fresh Out of the Barn.
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Listen to our music here

Click the link below to get samples of tracks from our latest CD - Loose Livestock.
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Loose Livestock is available!

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Loose Livestock, a heady mix of great bluegrass harmonies and instrumentation, has been released as both a CD and on digital outlets.

You can get your copy of the CD, or a digital download here.

Loose Livestock offers the debut recording efforts of Marilyn Stenske one of our female vocalists. It also features a mix of standard bluegrass along with bluegrass Gospel selections.

RSE originals on this project include the title track, "Loose Livestock," written by Gerry Jost; "Patty's Song," penned by Galen "Tex" Hunt and "Those Hands" by Mike Mathes.

The actual CD can be purchased from band members, at concerts and at Delta Publications, Inc. - 606 Fremont Street, Kiel, WI.


Theme Time
Carolina in the Pines
Who Will Sing for Me
If Wishes Were Horses
Patty's Song
There is a Time
Those Hands
Draggin' The Bow
I Am a Pilgrimn
Redwood Hill
I Am Weary, Let Me Rest
Long Black Veil
Loose Livestock
A Living Prayer
Shoutin' on the Hills of Glory