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Listen to our music here

Click the link below to get samples of tracks from our latest CD - Loose Livestock.
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Loose Livestock is available!

Loose Livestock is available!
Loose Livestock, a heady mix of great bluegrass harmonies and instrumentation, has been released as both a CD and on digital outlets.

You can get your copy of the CD, or a digital download here.

Loose Livestock offers the debut recording efforts of Marilyn Stenske one of our female vocalists. It also features a mix of standard bluegrass along with bluegrass Gospel selections.

RSE originals on this project include the title track, "Loose Livestock," written by Gerry Jost; "Patty's Song," penned by Galen "Tex" Hunt and "Those Hands" by Mike Mathes.

The actual CD can be purchased from band members, at concerts and at Delta Publications, Inc. - 606 Fremont Street, Kiel, WI.


Theme Time
Carolina in the Pines
Who Will Sing for Me
If Wishes Were Horses
Patty's Song
There is a Time
Those Hands
Draggin' The Bow
I Am a Pilgrimn
Redwood Hill
I Am Weary, Let Me Rest
Long Black Veil
Loose Livestock
A Living Prayer
Shoutin' on the Hills of Glory read more