Thanks to the Burie Family!

Red Star Express offers its gratitude to the Burie Family for a wonderful show Oct. 18. What a privilege to meet these young people and share the stage with such talent.
Great to take a photo with them after jamming together to end the show!
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Sharing the stage with Rhonda

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the events of March 22. Several members of Red Star Express made the trek to see Rhonda Vincent and the Rage perform at the Schwan Arts Center at Milwaukee Lutheran College. Rhonda is the best in the bluegrass business, and her talents, along those of the band, showed through in amazing fashion.
Josh Williams has rejoined her band, and he brings a world-class guitar picking style and vocals to the show.
We were hoping to maybe get a picture with Rhonda and an autograph or two. But, the good Lord had something even more amazing in store.
During her encore finale, Rhonda invited any musicians/singers from the audience to join her on stage. After some prodding from our spouses, Steve, Marilyn, Gerry and Mike made their way to the stage with others. One of Wisconsin's finest pickers, Seth Foerster, was sitting right in front of us, and he bounced up there too.
Most of us took the steps, but the younger and more nimble Steve Nothem actually vaulted onto stage. Those who could play instruments were offered to use one of the guitars, mandolins or fiddles on stage. Those who wanted to just sing were encouraged to harmonies in thirds.
Rhonda led off the medley, which soon turned into some pretty familiar bluegrass Gospel stuff. She turned to Marilyn and offered for her to sing "I'll Fly Away." RSE's Divine Miss M responded with flying colors. Then, she asked another young lady if she knew the words to "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" but she nodded "no." Mike Mathes offered to lead the first verse, and took his turn at the mic on a duet with Rhonda. Then, it was Gerry's turn to sing verse 2 with the star of the show. Mike offered one more verse. Steve was looking to pluck a few notes on the bass, but Mickey Harris informed him that it was going to be his only solo of the evening, so Steve just remained on stage as a singer and "eye candy" for the ladies.
What an experience!
What a gracious lady to share this opportunity. We all felt truly humbled and grateful for the experience to be ad-libbing with bluegrass' top performers.
THANKS RHONDA! You are the best! God is truly smiling on you as he works through you to bless others.

And, in case you missed it, check out Marilyn's red boots above.
Red Star Express members Gerry Jost, Marilyn Stenske, Steve Nothem and Mike Mathes pose with Rhonda Vincent, one of the top female bluegrass performers of our time.
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Three fiddlers nailin' it!

Sue Woodward of Red Star Express enjoyed an opportunity to share the stage with Monroe Crossing at St. Peter's UCC, Kiel, April 29, 2012. Woodward and fellow fiddlers Lisa Fuglie and Matt Thompson belted out an amazing rendition of "Nail That Catfish to a Tree."
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RSE fellers hangin' out

Red Star Express members (back row) Mike Mathes, Galen Hunt and Steve Nothem take time to pose with their bluegrass heroes Jamie Dailey and Darren Vincent at a recent Dailey & Vincent show.
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Earl's Breakdown-at the Cup O Joy

Galen Hunt's banjo pickin' leads the way for a Red Star Express version of the class banjo breakdown - Texas banjar style