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You didn't live up to the expectations, you exceeded them. Worship was AWESOME, and during the concert----"In the Garden" was sooooo touching. I saw several who were moved to tears. I personally love that song anyway, but coupled with your intro? WOW! Just---WOW!
— Kymn S.
If the banjo was that important, the Beatles would have used it
— Steve Nothem—one banjo player to another
June 12, 2014 - The day the banjo player stopped early!
— Surprised fellow band members

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Harp and banjo. Harp and banjo.
— A confused Mike Mathes to Galen Hunt and other amused listeners
We would like to thank you for your time and support of the Big Thaw concert, helping to make the BBMA a continued success.
It wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you.
— The Badgerland Bluegrass Music Association Board
I have never heard this group before. I was so impressed with everyones talent. Thanks to all of you for making this such an entertaining night. Everyone needs to see this group of entertainers.
— Sandie Fitzgerald
Galen spends half his time tuning his banjo, and the other half playing out of tune.
— Steve Nothem
"The musicians are very talented, warm, funny, and obviously enjoy what they are doing."
— R. Swanson
The show at St Peters was awesome!
— Karen
I really enjoy listening to your new CD entitled, "Loose Livestock". I listen to it every night when I go to bed. Very relaxing with a variety of Newton Grass along with some Gospel tunes thrown it. I especially like Tex's banjo in the opening song, "Carolina in the Pines".
— Tom Kees
We just wanted to tell you that we totally enjoyed your show last night. You all do a super job. Looking forward to your next show. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.
— Sheri & Al Hartman 12-2-2012
Thank you so much for the best evening Terry and I have had for a long time. You guys were on a roll at your CD release concert!
— Zita Koch
Red Star Express concert in Kiel tonight (6-6-2012) was great. What a a beautiful way to spend a summer evening with talented musicians and vocalists who are enthusiastic and real. Thank you all for sharing your skills with us. It was fabulous. Keep up the great sound, looking forward to another CD in the fall.
— Mary Larson
That was just like going to Branson without having to pay the $60.
— a nice little gray-haired listener
If the banjo was so good, the Beatles would have used it.
— Steve Nothem to a crowd of uninterested bluegrass fans
Don't think so hard, you're not good at it.
— Gerry Jost to banjo man Tex